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Emma Freed is joyfully married to her husband Michael and has the honor of being mom to her one and a half year old Zechariah. She grew up in the church, participating in music and dance wherever she went and in whatever ministry she was able to. Her dad was a professional musician and worship pastor which gave her incredible opportunity to develop her leadership ability. When her ballet career came to an abrupt halt, Emma chose to become a music major at SDSU.

While at college, Emma had the privilege of helping begin a large college ministry as their worship leader, which later transferred to Skyline Wesleyan Church as their college ministry. At Skyline, Emma became the junior worship leader for the whole church as well as the college ministry.

From there, she helped launch Captivate Church and now, Village Church, with Michael. She is humbled and excited to join in what Jesus is now doing overseas, specifically in the Balkan region. In her free time, she enjoys baking sourdough bread, lifting weights, hiking with her family, and having big dinners with whatever friends and family are around.

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